MOVOX launches softphone for Windows PC
MOVOX launches softphone for Windows PC

Today, businesses around the world are taking measures to reduce risks from spreading coronavirus whilst doing their best to keep day-to-day business activities operating as usual.

Employees have been asked, or have been required to work from home and for many this new way of working is increasing in popularity and may become typical of how business continue to function into the future.

Working remotely

Maintaining communication between employees has been critical for business moving to a remote workforce and softphone applications have proved to be an extremely viable solution to unify the remote workforce.

A softphone as the name implies, is a software-based application that can be installed on a computer or downloaded to a mobile smartphone or tablet. Softphones are designed to behave like a traditional telephone, enabling the user to receive, make and manage phone calls over the Internet.

When the softphone application is launched it usually appears as an image of a telephone keypad with buttons for the user to manage typical phone features such as ‘call hold’, ‘call forward’ and ‘call transfer’. A headset with microphone is required when used on a desktop PC or laptop computer.

XPhone desktop softphone

MOVOX has recently launched their “XPhone” desktop softphone application for Windows PC’s. The new XPhone desktop softphone allows customers to use their existing business phone number to make and receive calls on their desktop PC or laptop computer regardless of their location.

The XPhone softphone application can replace a physical desk phone, or work in parallel with other phone extensions when used in conjunction with MOVOX’s Cloud PBX.

With XPhone the customers PC, laptop or mobile phone behave just like a physical desk phone. When calls are made to the customer’s business phone number, the call will ring on the XPhone softphone application.

Calls can be answered, placed on hold and even transferred to another phone extension of the customers’ Cloud PBX for free by dialling a 4-digit extension number. Similarly, when making an outbound call using the XPhone softphone application the business phone number is presented to the caller, not their home or mobile phone number.

Rohan Doyle, MOVOX Managing Director, said: “The continuing lockdowns due to COVID-19 has forced most businesses to review their technology and communication requirements. Business and enterprise have embraced mobility and the ability to communicate with their employees, customers and suppliers remotely, as if they were in their office.

Our XPhone softphone for iPhone and Android mobile devices has been very popular over the past months and the release of XPhone as a desktop softphone for Windows PC’s has been a natural progression to MOVOX’s suite of unified communication products and remote working solutions.”

Softphone benefits

Features – softphones can access all the features of your business phone system on your PC, laptop of mobile device;

Phone number – when using the softphone to make a call, your business phone number is displayed and calls to your business phone number will ring on your softphone;

Mobility – calls can be made, received and managed wherever the user is located and connected to the Internet;

Quick setup – softphones can be deployed in minutes, without the need for physical telephone hardware;

Relocating – if relocating your business there’s no need to worry about installing hardware and moving landlines;

Whether you’re thinking of making a permanent move towards remote working or your business is taking temporary measures, mobile and desktop softphones are a cost-effective solution that can be implemented quickly.

Learn more about MOVOX’s XPhone mobile softphone and XPhone desktop softphone.

View the XPhone mobile application on the App Store or Google Play