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Please perform the following steps before submitting a support ticket.
Remove the power cable from your modem and router, wait for 30 seconds then plug it back in. The lights on your modem may blink whilst the modem powers up and should glow steadily after a few minutes. If restarting your modem didn’t fix the problem, go to the next step.
Check whether your modem’s Internet light is on/blinking. If it is on, go to the next step. If the Internet light is off: 1. Disconnect any equipment that connects to your phone line’s wall sockets. This may include: Cordless phones Line filters Extension cords Modems eftpos machines Back to base alarms Digital set top boxes Plug the modem directly into the wall socket. Check the Internet light again. If it remains off, please continue to submit a support ticket. If the Internet light is on, plug your line filters and other equipment back in one item at a time. Check the Internet light after connecting each item. If the Internet light turns off after connecting a piece of equipment, the issue may be your line filter setup or the specific item.
If you are connecting to the internet via WiFi, try the following steps. Check that WiFi is on: Check your WiFi light. If it’s off, turn your modem’s WiFi button on Make sure your computer / device also has WiFi turned on Reset the connection: Turn your modem and your computer off and leave them off for 60 seconds Turn both devices back on and allow a few minutes for them to reconnect Connect via ethernet cable Use an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your modem, then test your internet connection If you can connect via ethernet, you have identified an issue with your WiFi setup. See your modem user guide for help with your WiFi connection. If you are still unable to connect to the internet please continue to submit a support ticket.
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Please direct corporate enquiries to our registered office

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Where your technical needs fall outside our standard support we offer Advanced Support.



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Consumers with a disability requiring special needs products please visit the Australian Communications Consumers Action Network (ACCAN) Disability Portal by selecting the ACCAN button

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