Migrating from ISDN to Cloud PBX

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Products, Services

Cloud PBX and Unified Communications provides organisations with distinct advantages over existing on-premise solutions. A quick look at 7 key advantages:


Organisations today require the ability to scale and contract as their requirements change. Cloud PBX provides this agility and with limited equipment on site, makes office moves far simpler.

Lower Costs

Pay for services that you need by a user, without investing in functionality only a smaller number of users need. System upgrades and maintenance are included and remove the need for in-house technical resources.


Extend your bricks and mortar business number outside the physical office. Improve productivity with the full suite of collaboration features whilst on the move.

Business Continuity

With the PBX hosted in the cloud, any interruption of power or disruption at an office won’t mean all communications are down. Any other site or user with internet access can continue to operate.


Organisations can utilise simple management interfaces to manage users and features without the technical complexity. This allows the organisation to focus on its core business, not on being a communications expert.

PBX Functionality

With scale across thousands of users, Cloud PBX providers such as MOVOX continue to develop from user feedback across a large base. They provide more features to their service without anyone organisation having to develop it individually.


Providing services at scale to customers allows MOVOX to build in duplication of systems for improved reliability and service levels economically.

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