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reduce costs
When compared to standard business landlines, cloud-based communication products such as Virtual PBX can help your business to reduce costs. In fact, if you’re starting out, you can cut your initial costs by up to 90%. That’s not a figure to ignore, but the question is how does it manage this? Why are more and more businesses making the switch to cloud communication every year?

In our previous Virtual PBX blogs we’ve briefly covered the questions you should ask before switching (here). We’ve also showed how Virtual PBX and similar services can help improve business growth (here). In today’s blog, our focus is the bottom line: Virtual PBX will save your business money.

Start-ups initial outlay for telecommunications can be in the thousands.

Let’s look at the new business example more closely. If you need multiple telephone lines installed, your initial outlay can be expensive. A technician fee for each line is chargeable, so if you have as little as 5+ employees, the cost can be in the thousands.

As your business grows, upgrading from your basic business landline setup to a PBX-style system can be expensive. Any changes you make, such as moving an extension to another location (even in the same office!) will require a technician visit, resulting in another bill.

Then you need to consider the ongoing costs:

  • Line rental fees
  • Call forwarding access fee
  • Line hunt charges
  • Fax duet fees
  • Calls charges between extensions

With traditional business landlines, each individual telephone number needs its own telephone line (unless it’s a fax duet). This means a line rental fee for each. To route calls to an available number, you will need to activate Line Hunt, which is an additional cost. If you need a fax, you may need a dedicated line, depending on the amount of faxes you will send and receive and how busy your landline is. If it’s intermittent, you can opt for a fax “duet line” service, where a fax number shares the line of your telephone number. This means when you’re not using your telephone, you can use your fax, but you can’t use both at the same time, and – yup, you guessed it – there’s still an additional cost.

With Virtual PBX, there’s no need to install a new line each time you need another telephone number or extension. You can manage call flows via an online portal at no extra cost. Rather than have a dedicated fax line or use a duet service, go virtual. Receive your faxes direct to your email, saving the environment and your wallet in one. Virtual PBX cuts all the hassle out of business communications – and saves you money in the process.

Businesses that switch to Virtual PBX reduce costs.

If you’re an established business, it may seem more expensive to make the switch. Yet reports suggest businesses that do reduce their cost of local calls by up to 40%. Those same small businesses reduce the cost of their international calls by up to 90%. Part of the reason for this could be because there are no call costs between extensions. It doesn’t matter if they’re located in the same office, in another state or even overseas, as long as they’re part of the same Virtual PBX.

Other cost-saving features to consider are unlimited voicemail boxes (with no charges to check your messages), and a customisable IVR, meaning no need to hire a receptionist.

By switching to Virtual PBX you are future-proofing your business growth. If you need to relocate, setup another site or hire more staff, the costs to do so are significantly reduced. For example, if moving address, there are only moving fees for one Virtual PBX rather than every telephone line. No matter your location, you would keep your existing numbers, which means no costs for number redirections or new marketing material. Best of all, once your Internet is connected it’s simply a matter of plugging your phones back in and you’re ready to go!

Still not convinced? If you’re in the market for telephones, feel free to contact us. MOVOX offer obligation-free evaluations of your current services. Let us show you how Virtual PBX can help save your business money. If you’ve already made the switch, let us know in the comments what kind of savings you’ve found. We’d love to hear from you!

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