NZ & UK 0800 Toll Free Numbers

Expand your business to the United Kingdom and New Zealand with a 0800 toll free number

What is a 0800 Toll Free Number?

Inbound 1300 and 1800 numbers have the same features and functions. The difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers are call costs and who is charged for calls.
Callers to your 1300 number will be charged for a “call to 1300 number” by their phone company. The call rate is determined by the caller’s phone company and varies between carriers.
With 1800 numbers the caller can call you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia without charge from their phone company. If the caller uses their mobile phone to call a 1800 number they may incur a charge from their mobile phone carrier.
When a call is connected to your 1300 or 1800 number we will charge the call rate applicable to your MOVOX call plan.

Inbound 1300/1800 plan

$15 Per month

1 x 1300 or 1800 number
No contract term

Inbound 1300/1800 Call Rates

  • 7.5c per 30 seconds, when a call is answered on your MOVOX phone or softphone
  • 10c per 30 seconds, when a call is answered on a landline number
  • 15c per 30 seconds, when a call is answered on a mobile phone number.

Inbound number call packs


$103 Per month

Includes 20-hours calls to your 1300/1800 number


$238 Per month

Includes 50-hours calls to your 1300/1800 number


$314 Per month

Includes 70-hours calls to your 1300/1800 number


$381 Per month

Includes 100-hours calls to your 1300/1800 number

Features and benefits


Answer calls in multiple locations based on the location of the caller, call demand and time of day.


Keep your inbound number if you relocate. No need to reprint stationary or advertising material


In the event of an office emergency quickly and easily divert incoming calls to other numbers

Advertise Internationally

Inbound 1300, 1800 numbers are national numbers and not restricted to any particular geographical area such as a (02), (03), (07), or (08) number which are State based.
1300 and 1800 inbound numbers can be configured to be answered based on the time of day, call demand and can be diverted to local branch offices based on the location of the caller.