On-Hold Messages

Promote your business and entertain callers whilst they’re on hold with professionally recorded on hold messages

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on-hold messages

Enhance caller experience

Professionally recorded messages will enhance your company’s brand by conveying messages in a friendly, pleasant manner. Our male and female voice artists have clear enunciation and exceptional voice skills and they’ll record messages using high-quality equipment.
You can use your on hold message to tell customers about new products and business developments or answer frequently asked questions. Make sure you’re telling them something of benefit, something to make waiting on-hold entertaining.

Message Pricing

On-hold message

Explain your products and deliver a better caller experience with a professionally recorded on-hold message.



Includes 1 x on hold message of 60 seconds or 150 words

Holiday message

If you’re closing the office during holiday seasons let your callers know when you re-open or direct their call to another number.



Includes 1 x holiday message of 30 seconds or 75 words

After hours message

Your Cloud PBX can automatically play an after hours message on specific days, or time of the day



Includes 1 x after hours message of 35 seconds or 90 words

Voicemail greeting

Voicemails can be sent to a group, a department or to you personally. Personalise the voicemail greeting to suit the voicemail box.



Includes 4 x voicemail messages totalling 16 seconds or 40 words

Menu greeting

Menu greetings automate and funnel callers directly to the department, person or enquiry channel they require.



Includes up to 4 menu options of 16 seconds or 40 words

Bundled package

Save when you purchase our Message Bundle.
Includes 1 x On-Hold Message, 1 x Holiday Message, 1 x After Hours Message, 4 x Voicemail Messages and 1 x Menu Greeting, each professionally recorded to your script.



One of each message type. See individual plans for inclusions

Direct callers to the right person

If you receive a large volume of calls, be more efficient by offering an automated menu that connects callers quickly to the right person. An automated menu can also announce information such as operating hours, special offers, and updates.