Our Cloud PBX will help you improve productivity and transform the way you communicate

The MOVOX Cloud PBX includes features and functions that will transform your business and the way you communicate.
It’s easy to use, expands effortlessly from 1 to 100’s of handsets and you can use your existing phone number.
With flexible plans, included calls and handset subsidy option you’ll reduce and predict communication costs.

See the benefits
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Why choose the MOVOX Cloud PBX?

Handset subsidy

Our handset subsidy significantly reduces the upfront cost of handsets

Access your Cloud PBX online at anytime and from anywhere

Easily forward calls to another number, listen to voicemail messages, view call history and call directly from your PC with quick-call directory.

Performance & redundancy

Your MOVOX Cloud PBX is replicated in multiple data centres with automatic fail-over in the event of a power failure or Internet outage.
State-of-the-art technology combined with a national network ensures our solution delivers ultimate performance and redundancy.

Keep your phone numbers when moving home or office

Transferring phone numbers to MOVOX is seamless and you can keep your existing numbers when relocating.

Mobile Softphone

Turn your iPhone into an extension of your Cloud PBX and use your office number on your mobile to make, receive and transfer calls just like you’re at your desk.