Grandstream GXP2200EXT 20 Key Expansion Module


The GXP2200 Extension module is the ideal choice for providing powerful call control and flexibility to Grandstream's GXP2140, GXP2170 and GXV3240 series IP phones.

The module itself boasts an intuitive and clear design with its back-lit LCD display, BLF and Speed Dial keys and additional contacts/extensions per module, 20 dual-coloured extension keys and 2 arrow keys for page switching.

Each module supports visibility for up to 40 additional contacts and extensions, while also supporting the ability to connect up to 4 GXP2200EXT modules to compatible Grandstream phones for visibility on up to 160 new contacts/extensions.

It supports traditional call features on each of its programmable buttons, including bridged line appearance/shared call appearance, busy lamp fields, call park/pick-up, speed dial, presence, intercom, and conference, transfer and forward.