Grandstream GWN7600LR Long Range Wi-Fi Access Point


The GWN7600LR is a long-range Wi-Fi access point designed to provide extended coverage support of up to 300 meters. Thanks to its waterproof casing and heat resistant technology, it is ideal for outdoor Wi-Fi solutions.

The GWN7600LR is a powerful outdoor, long-range Wi-Fi Access Point featuring weatherproof casing and heat resistant technology. It comes equipped with dual-band 2x2:2 MU-MIMO with beam-forming technology and a sophisticated antenna design for maximum network throughput and extended Wi-Fi coverage range of up to 300 meters. To ensure easy installation and management, the GWN7600LR uses a controller-less distributed network management design and an embedded controller within the product’s web user interface.

This allows each access point to manage a network of up to 30 GWN APs independently without needing separate controller hardware/software and without a single point-of-failure.

Its easy installation and management features packed with extra coverage support and advanced performance features, make the GWN7600LR an ideal outdoor access point for mid-size wireless network deployments.

Requires Grandstream GWN7600 5-volt power supply if you do not have Power over Ethernet (PoE) available