Office ergonomics: how softphones can help


Everyone knows the basics. Sit up straight, don’t cross your legs, adjust your monitor to eye level and make sure your mouse is at the appropriate angle. Let’s not forget dim your monitor and stand up from your desk every thirty minutes.

We know that not caring for them can lead to symptoms such as pain, discomfort, stiffness and decreased range of motion. It can also increase risk of sprains and dislocations, even arthritis.

Despite knowing this, though, many of us still fall into bad habits. Are you slouching in your chair or looking down at your phone as you read this?

As we grow older, it becomes more important to pay attention to what our bodies need. According to GetVoIP, the body was not designed for the repetitive motion of clicking a mouse or extended periods of sitting.

The good news is, while our work days are getting longer, we’re also developing new technology every day to help keep track of and improve our health.

First it was wearables, now it is softphones.

Wearables such as FitBit and Garmin have been around for a couple of years now. They’re a great way to keep track of your activity and even send reminders during the day if you have been idle for too long. It’s certainly useful to have a prompt to get up from your desk every now and then, but if you’re busy sometimes it’s just not feasible.

That’s why new office technology is so important. Business Insider advise that currently the biggest trend is agile or activity-based work models. Staff choose where the work and how they can be most productive.

This is made possible by the adoption of desktop or mobile softphones along with laptops and handheld devices. Rather than always sit at your allocated desk, you can choose a spot where you feel comfortable, such as a couch or a standing table, before moving onto another spot when your body needs to change positions.

If you need to take a phone call, there’s no need to stay put at your desk. Instead you can answer the call on your mobile softphone and go for a walk. MOVOX’s mobile softphone has bluetooth connectivity so you can even go handsfree.

It may be a small step, but it’s a big one in the right direction towards a healthier, more flexible working environment.

How does your office tackle office ergonomics? Do you have any technology examples, or do you focus on tried and tested ways to protect your joints?

Rohan Doyle

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