Last modified: 29/03/2022
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Our Financial Hardship Policy outlines the standards that MOVOX will adopt when dealing with customers who do not have the capacity to pay a bill due to financial hardship.

MOVOX’s Financial Hardship Policy aims to:

  1. treat all customers in confidence, with fairness and compassion within statutory and commercial business constraints;
  2. assist customers in meeting their financial obligations and responsibilities to us and proactively manage their accounts;
  3. offer options to meet individual customer needs;
  4. allow for a continuance of the relationship between MOVOX and the customer; and
  5. Fulfil the requirements of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code in regards to Customer Financial Hardship

You can view our Financial Hardship Policy and information on how to apply for financial hardship can be found in the Consumer Advice section of this website under Financial Hardship.

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