Are you on ISDN? Make the switch before the cease sale.

In September last year, Telstra announced its decision to cease sale its ISDN products and other special services, including DDS Fastway, Megalink and Frame Relay, as of June 2018. This is due to the nationwide rollout of the National Broadband Network and the incompatibility these products face with the new technology.

Telstra’s anticipated final disconnection will occur in 2022 – but businesses could begin losing services as early as 2019 depending on their location.

Existing companies that currently utilise an ISDN service should start shopping.

Being prepared is paramount. If you haven’t transitioned to a compatible product within eighteen months of the NBN becoming available at your address, your services will be disconnected. This could mean permanent loss of your phone numbers and potentially a big loss for your business.

You don’t have to wait until the cut-off date. Switching to an IP system such as MOVOX’s Virtual PBX will transform the way you communicate. It is fully customisable, packed with features to suit any business and 100% compatible with the NBN. Best of all, it can save your business money by reducing the cost of local and international calls.

If your address is not NBN-ready yet, you don’t have to wait until the roll-out makes its way to you. MOVOX’s Virtual PBX and other VoIP products are also ADSL compatible.

Sign up now and start saving. If you’re starting a new business or are looking to expand an existing one to an additional site, a Virtual PBX connection can reduce your connection fees by up to 90%.

For more information on MOVOX’s Virtual PBX product, click here.

To find out if your address is NBN-ready, click here.

Rohan Doyle

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