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  • Does MOVOX give me a new phone number?

    Yes.  If your service requires a phone number then we will provide you with a standard Australian phone number as part of your plan. If you have an existing phone number you can transfer the number to MOVOX which may incur a once-off number transfer fee. 




  • How can I allow a Softphone through my firewall?

    If using a software firewall, you’ll need to allow the PC Softphone full access to the Internet when asked. You can change this later by viewing the list of programs configured in your firewall, and changing the access settings for the softphone. Please refer to your firewall user guide for instructions on how to do this.

    By default MOVOX uses the UDP ports 5060 – these should be allowed through the firewall and forwarded to the PC running the Softphone. If need be, the default ports can be changed from Menu > Options > General > Edit Network Settings.

  • How are inbound numbers charged?

    With 13, 1300 numbers customers can call you from a fixed line from anywhere in Australia. Your customer will be charged a 13, 1300 call rate from their landline or mobile carrier. With 1800 numbers customers can call you at no charge from a fixed line anywhere in Australia. If your customer calls your 1800 number from their mobile, they will be charged the 1800 call rate from their mobile carrier.

  • Does my mobile phone number change?

    No. Your mobile phone number remains with your current mobile phone provider.

  • Do I still need a landline number as well as a VoIP phone?

    This depends on the type of broadband technology available at your location. If you access the Internet via ADSL, then a landline number may still be allocated to your service. Whether you choose to use the service to make and receive calls is entirely up to you.
    MOVOX’s IP handsets are not compatible with landline services, so a separate handset would be required. The call rates are also different compared to Virtual PBX. For more information, please refer to your plans’ Critical Information Summaries available here [LINK].

  • Do I have MOVOX mobile network coverage in my area?

    MOVOX ABN 32 602 123 491 uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network
    MOVOX provides customers a combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint of 98.5% and a 4G coverage footprint of 92% of the Australian population, covering 1.3 million square kilometres. To check coverage at your location please click here.

  • Can I take my current phone number if moving to another location?

    Yes. By using Virtual PBX, your numbers are not locked to an exchange location. You could move from Brisbane to Melbourne and still keep your local 07 numbers.

  • Can I forward calls to another number instead of voicemail?

    Yes. Most handsets have a call forward feature. Please refer to your handset guide for call forward instructions.
    If you have a MOVOX Virtual PBX or VoIP Phone plan our Customer Service team can place call forwards on incoming calls. Please submit a Support Request with clear instructions on your call forwarding requirements.

  • What is ADSL?

    ADSL stands for asymmetric digital subscriber line. It’s a type of broadband connection that runs through the existing PSTN or copper wire network. It is currently the most common type of broadband technology in Australia and is available in most urban (and some rural) areas.

  • What equipment and connection is required?

    You need a MOVOX Broadband On-Net connection and a modem router to use Business VoIP plan. You may need to check the number of ports available in your current modem router as each VoIP handset will require a RJ45 cable connection from the modem router. MOVOX supplied modem routers normally includes 4 ports.

  • What is NBN?

    The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a wholesale-only, multi-technology data network built and owned by the Australian government. Access to the network is sold to retail service providers (RSPs) who then sell Internet access and other services to consumers.

  • Can I cancel my existing phone number?

    If you have an internet connection, you may find that you no longer need your existing phone number. All of your phone services can be provided by MOVOX. If you have an Internet connection, you will still need to keep your existing phone number – however, you could downgrade to a cheaper plan and make all your outgoing calls via MOVOX!
    If you have a suitable Internet connection, you may find that you no longer need your existing phone number. All of your phone services can be provided by MOVOX using VoIP.

  • What is Quality of Service (QoS)? How do I activate it?

    Quality of Service is a feature that may be available in your router or modem/router that is used to prioritise specific traffic. For example, it allows users to surf the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time, with the voice traffic (phone call) being given priority. It may mean a slight reduction in your Internet speed, but it will ensure call quality remains high.

    If your modem/router supports QoS, MOVOX recommends that you enable this and apply rules to prioritise IP phone calls. You should also disable the SIP ‘ALG’ setting. Please refer to your modem/router user guide for instructions.

    If you do require further assistance, you can also submit a Support Ticket [LINK] or call us on 1800 100 800 (option 2 for support), Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST. Please note: if you’re using your own hardware, we may need to refer you to your hardware manufacturer for further assistance.

  • What is Ethernet?

    Ethernet is a system used for connecting a number of computers to form a local area network. Your IP handsets become part of this LAN as you plug them in with Ethernet cords (rather than the DSL/phone cords used by traditional landlines).

  • Do I need a credit or debit card to use MOVOX?

    Yes, you will need a Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Diners card to sign up on one of our plans or buy products from the MOVOX Shop.

  • Can I keep the phone number assigned by MOVOX even if I want to switch to a different provider?

    You need to check with the gaining provider to determine if they are able to transfer the number from MOVOX.

  • What information do I need to transfer my number to MOVOX?

    If you are converting your existing phone service you will need to provide your current Account Number provided by your current phone provider.
    This can be found on any bill you receive from your phone provider for your phone service.

    Providing an incorrect Account Number may result in delays with the porting process and lengthen the period in which you will not be able to receive any incoming phone calls.

  • Can I make and receive calls while my phone number is being transferred to MOVOX?

    You can port your phone number from your current Phone provider (Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Primus and others) to MOVOX. The standard installation timeframe for Business VoIP service is 4-5 working days, within this time period you can still make and receive phone calls on your telephone line. On the cutover date MOVOX will port across your number from your current service provider to MOVOX Business VoIP service. This process is instantaneous which means there will be no downtime on your telephone service.

  • Can I choose a new phone number?

    Yes. You can select a new phone number from a range of numbers that we have available.



  • Do you credit check?

    Yes. To assess your application for an account with us we perform a credit and identity check.


  • What do I need to join MOVOX?

    If you wish to sign up on one of our plans, you will need to create an account. When completing our online account application you will need to provide 2 of the following 3 forms of identification:

    • Australian drivers licence;
    • Australian Medicare card; or
    • Passport

    It is necessary for MOVOX to verify your identity for the purposes of billing you, operating the services and to comply with our legal and statutory obligations under the Telecommunications Act 1997 and management of your account.

  • What Internet connection do I need to use MOVOX?

    512/128k or greater Broadband connection is recommended for best results. This will vary depending on how many concurrent telephone calls you wish to make. We recommend that upload speeds of at least 128kb be available for good call quality. You can test your Internet connection by using an Broadband Speedtest.

    If you are using the same Broadband connection for Internet access and your MOVOX phone services then it is important to note that applications that use a high proportion of your Internet data, such as streaming videos or peer-to-peer downloading and uploading can degrade call quality regardless of your Internet speed.
    If your modem/router supports Quality of Service (QoS), you should enable QoS and apply rules to prioritise IP phone calls. You should also disable the SIP ‘ALG’ setting. Please refer to your modem/router user guide for instructions on how to do this.

    You may also consider a separate dedicated Broadband connection for your MOVOX phone service, especially if you have multiple handsets making concurrent calls.

  • What speed internet connection do I need to use MOVOX?

    This will vary depending on how many concurrent telephone calls you wish to make. We recommend 512/128k or greater Broadband connection for best results. 

    You can test your Internet connection by using a broadband Speed test here  Speed Test.

    If your MOVOX phone service uses the same Broadband connection as your general Internet access, keep in mind that applications using a lot of bandwidth (such as video streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing) can degrade your call quality regardless of your internet speed. If your modem/router supports Quality of Service (QoS), you should enable this and apply rules to prioritise IP phone calls. You should also disable the SIP “ALG” setting. Please refer to your modem/router user guide for instructions on how to do this.

    You may also consider a separate dedicated broadband connection for your MOVOX phone service, especially if you have multiple handsets making concurrent calls. 


  • What third-party hardware do you support?

    We have setup guides to enable you to use some common third-party ATAs and VoIP routers on MOVOX. Our Customer Care centre is happy to try and get your hardware going however, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further support.

  • What is the warranty on MOVOX hardware?

    All hardware supplied by MOVOX is covered by the manufacturers’ full product warranties. For more information on product warranties and your rights under Australian Consumer Law and the Trade Practices Act,

    please review our consumer advice available here:

  • How do I program my handset?

    Depending on the model, your handset may be pre-programmed, or may automatically configure once it is correctly plugged in.

    If you do need to program it manually, you will need to enter your extension direct dial number, password and proxy IP address into your handset. These details will be emailed to you from MOVOX. Refer to your handset’s user guides for further instructions.

    If you cannot find these details or require further assistance, please call 1800 100 800 (option 2 for support) Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST.
    Please note: certain IP handsets are not supported by MOVOX. Additionally, certain features described in the Virtual PBX feature codes list may require individual handset programming or may not be available on some handsets.

  • How can MOVOX save me money?

    Our customers reduce costs, improve productivity and discover features that transform the way they communicate by using MOVOX’s new and imaginative telecommunications technology. Put us to the test – we’ll review your current communications and demonstrate the financial savings and benefits of a MOVOX solution. Call us on 1800 100 800 or complete the Contact form located on this website.

  • Can I use my own hardware with MOVOX?

    Yes. While our supported hardware is designed and tested for use on our network, you can use third-party hardware with MOVOX if you prefer.

    Please note: if you are using your own hardware, MOVOX cannot guarantee the quality of the services and will not be responsible for the configuration or maintenance of the service.

    To view MOVOX’s range of IP handsets, modems and accessories, please visit our Website

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