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Unified Communications and other cloud-based services are experiencing rapid growth, increasingly being used to optimise IT and enhance business flexibility and rapidly becoming the standard for communications worldwide.

The roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and availability of high-speed broadband combined with technical developments has been the catalyst for rapid change in the telecommunications market. Australian business is demanding converged voice, video and web-based solutions. The Australian unified communications market offers many new opportunities as it grows to more than AUD $1 billion by 2021.



Provide quality products and first class personal service that will exceed Customer expectations
Create a desirable workplace where Employees can develop their skills; and
Deliver incentives to our Partners and a return to our Investors



By MOVOX Admin on 11 December 2019, 06:47
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Grandstream's latest addition to their range of IP phones is the GRP2600 series. Designed for the modern enterprise, the GRP series includes Wi-Fi so there’s...

By MOVOX Admin on 01 December 2019, 02:08
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Cloud Unified Communications provides organisations with distinct advantages over existing on-premise solutions. A quick look at 7 key advantages: Agility Organisations today require the ability...

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